Bail Bond Calculator

Use this free bail bond calculator to determine bail bond loan financing of bail premium payment even with little to no credit.

Free Bail Bond Calculator

The first free jail bail bond calculator helps calculate the approximate cost of your bail bond. Enter the amount of the bond, or bonds, and you’ll see the approximate amount you’ll need to pay to get out of jail. We state approximate amount because each bond is different in every state. You simply never know if the amount is correct or if there are other savings which can be applied. Which is why we say to ask a bondsman about special offers as described below.

Using this free jail bail bond calculator shows your savings when dealing with a bondsman. You should normally pay 10% of the entire bail amount. This is called the premium. You can save money by asking the bondsman about special offers for seniors, veterans, teachers, union members, etc. Sometimes the bail calculated would be lower based on simply asking questions to the bail agent. If you can’t get a discount, oftentimes you can have the paperwork or administration fees waived.

Enter the bond amount in our Bail Bonds Calculator below:

How Much is Your Bail?

Depend on one of the best bail companies with flexible payment plans and terms available. Enter in the total bail amount needed to determine your approximate bail costs of find out if you’re eligible for a bail loan:

bail bond loans and how to get bail financing with little to no credit

Do I get My Money Back When I Finish Court?

The money you paid to a bondsman, calculated at usually 10% of the amount, is a premium payment. Paying only 10% of the bond plus any associated paperwork fees saves you from having to pay 100% of the cash bail. You can use the 90% savings to pay for a lawyer, pay rent, or save. But, you do not get your money back when paying a bondsman. You will however, get back any collateral you may have given to the bondsman. Collateral would be cars, trucks, RV’s, jewelry, deeds to your home (or the cosignors) or land.

Once you clear your court case, any collateral is returned to you, typically within 30 days.If you are headed to jail after your court case, the collateral would go back to the co-signor. You will also be released from your bond owing nothing more.

How Do I get The Lowest Bail?

You first must know how much your bail is going to be. Getting cheap bail starts by using the bail bail bonds calculator above. Once you have this information you should contact a bondsman. They should be able to confirm the cost of your premium. If the bondsman gives an amount that is off, direct them to this site. Or better yet, ask how they got to their number. If this is your first case and you have a good co-signor, a bondsman will usually calculate a better deal for you.

Once you have the lowest bail amount possible, and you need to pay; ask about bail financing.

Bail bondsmen understand that money is not always available when you need it most. When someone is arrested, that is an added expense for any family. If you’re on a budget and cannot afford the full amount of the bail, that is where most bail bonds companies can help. You can also use online bail bonds to reduce cost of travel in case you are not in the same city or state as the bonds company.

If my bail is $150,000, how much should I pay?

We get questions about bail prices all the time. To help calculate your bail, we’ve set up a simple bail schedule. Below is a simple table to help you better understand the premium rates for bail. Here, we will calculate bail using a standard of 10%:


These premium amounts are typical in the following states: Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Montana, etc. Although in California we have seen bail rates calculated as low as 7%.

What will my payments be if I finance my bail bond?

Bail Bond Loan Premium Fees Calculator
Enter Your Bail Bond Amount: $
Your Bail Premium Costs $
3 Months6 Months
9 Months12 Months
bail bond loan payments and how to get bail financing with little to no credit

Where Do My Bail Payments Go?

Did you know that bail bond payments are used not only to secure your freedom, but that other costs involved go to pay victims funds, local law enforcement funds and public defender fees? Using a bail bond calculator for Arkansas or Idaho for example; you’ll notice that there are additional fees built into the bond. These fees attached to the bond help in many ways for the county.

Depending on the area of the country you’re in, some portions of the fees are collected for local and county divisions of the criminal process (regardless if you’re innocent or guilty), for example, bail bonds in Arkansas a portion of the bail goes towards a Victim Relief Fund.

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FAQ About Bail Bond Calculators

How much do you have to pay for a bail bond?

A bail bond may cost you 0% up to 15% of the total bond. This is called the “premium”. All states have different bail bond premium amounts. Talk with a local bail bondsman near you about bail bond loan financing or other payment plan.

How do you calculate bail bond price?

You simply multiply the total cash bail price set by the court by the percentage being charged. Example: IF your bail bond was $300,000 and the premium charge was 10% then you would need to pay the bondsman $30,000

Do you get bail money back?

If you paid a bondsman the premium, then you will not have your money returned. The money you paid a bondsman is a fee, which saves you having to pay 100% of the cash bail. If you paid the courts 100% of the cash bail, then you would be entitled to a complete refund (less court costs and fees) once the case has been settled.

What can you use as collateral for bail?

Collateral is anything of value that a bail agent will have you hand over in case the defendant skips bail. Collateral can be anything from a car, RV, jewelry, house or land.

Please read this disclaimer before receiving any form of bail bond loans or financing such as payday loans, short term loans, personal loans or using credit cards: Bail Financing Loans Disclaimer.

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