How Bail Bonds Work in Louisiana To Get Out of Jail Fast

In the case that you or a loved one are in need of being released from jail on bail, there are a few things that you should know about how bail bonds work in Louisiana. However, before we get into the details of how bail bonds work in Louisiana and the process you are certain to go through, let’s start with the basics of bail.

Arrested in Louisiana, a defendant will have bail set within 72 hours. If the defendant pays the bail bondsman they will be set free, but must attend to all court dates and abide by court rules for the bond. Commercial bail bond costs in Louisiana is 10% of the total. Example: If the bond is $10,000 then the bail premium paid to the bondsman is $1,000.

What is Louisiana Bail Bonds

Your bail is a set amount of money or a promise made by the you (the cosignor) that will allow the defendant to be freed from jail until his or her court date. Bail can come in one of three ways: a cash bond, a surety bond, and a personal recognizance bond. In the case of a cash or surety bond, a set amount of money must be paid in order for the inmate to be released from jail. There is no one way that bail can be posted.

How Do You Post Bail in Louisiana?

If you or another individual is able to post a cash bond, the full amount of the bail must be paid to the courts. The inmate can only pay the amount if he or she has the cash readily available on his or her person at the time of the arrest. If the inmate appears in court on his or her assigned court date, he or she will receive the amount of the bail paid minus any legal and court fees that must be paid.

If you or another individual is unable to post the full amount of the bail, the use of a bail bondsman may be necessary, or the inmate can remain in custody until his or her court date. This is in accordance with the Louisiana bail bond law. and title 22 of the statutes.

Is Bail In Louisiana Expensive?

Because bail can be several thousands of dollars, the inmate will most likely be unable to pay it. A bail bondsman can help to assure that the bail is paid and the inmate can be set free. The inmate or another working individual can contact a bail bondsman in the area who can pay the amount of the bail to the courts in exchange for a payment of 10% the bail amount. The courts will hold the money until the court date arrives.

If the defendant shows for the court date, the bondsman will get back the entire amount of the bail. The inmate will not receive any money back after the court date. The 10% premium is payment toward the bail bondsman’s services. If the inmate does not show for the court date, the bondsman may add more fees for the inmate and all obligations to the bonds agency will fall on the defendant.

Before calling a bail bondsman near you, you first need to know the Louisiana cost of bail.

Are there Payment Arrangements When Working With Bondsman?

Most Louisiana bail bondsmen will work with you on payment arrangements for the bond. The faster you get your paperwork together though, the faster the bondsman can negotiate the bail requirements with you to get you the best deal. There are a number of different options for bail bonds financing in Louisiana.

Keep in mind that when posting bail, the court is making it your responsibility to appear in court in order to be tried for your charges. Whether you use a bondsman or are able to post the bail yourself, you are still obligated to appear in court or you will have to deal with the consequences.

Remember all of your options that you have when arrested, your options to free you from jail, and how bail bonds work in Louisiana. More information can be gathered from the Louisiana Department of Insurance about the bail bonds system and how bondsmen are trained and licensed to work in the state.

How to become a Louisiana Bail Bondsman

You must fill out an application and once approved need to take an exam. The Louisiana bail bondsman licensing handbook is a good place to start for more information about bail bonding in Louisiana.

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Louisiana Bail Bonds Information

How does bail bonds work in Louisiana? The cost of a bail bond is set by the state of Louisiana Department of Insurance. The Louisiana bail bonds rate is 10% of the total amount of bail set by the judge based on the crime committed and defendants past criminal history.