Bail Bond Loan

Learn how to get emergency cash to pay for a bail bond. We explain what a bail loan is and what you need to get online bail loan financing as fast as possible with little or no credit.

Thankfully, most bail bond loan programs accept people with little or no credit. Some are also interest free and most bail bondsmen may take payments for bail to people with bad credit or no credit. A bondsman’s main objective is to help those people who can’t afford to pay a bail bond in one large payment. When you need emergency bail bond loans, there’s always a way to get a loan for your bail, we’re going to show you how.

Emergency Bail Bond Loans In Less Than 1 Hour

Do you need a bail bond loan? We know the recession has hit a lot of good families in the states. We also understand that emergencies like an arrest can take it’s toll on a lot of hard working families as well. We all could use some help and that’s where bail bond loans comes in. The lenders below can help you find the right payment assistance to get a quality loan for a bail bond.

How Much Are Bail Bond Loan Payments?

Use this bail calculator to determine your monthly payments for the bail premium. You will need to place a percentage of the total down unless you qualify for a zero down bail bond. The percentage of the bail you need to put down varies from bondsman to bondsman. Ask questions! Some bondsman charge as little as 1% down and will finance the remaining balance.

The down payment on bail also varies from state to state. Some states like California do not allow a down-payment lower than 2%. So if a bondsman is offering 1% down, ask how they can do this. You don’t want to get caught up in a bail companies legal problems with the Department of Insurance.

This is a quick bail payments calculator to determine the approximate cost of the monthly payments on bail. Some bondsman will also stretch the monthly payments up to 12 months, so you need to ask a bondsman what their policy is on financing a bail bond.

Bail Bond Loan Premium Fees Calculator
Enter Your Bail Bond Amount: $
Your Bail Premium Costs $
3 Months6 Months
9 Months12 Months
Affordable bail bond loans when you need it most

How to Get Approved for an Online Bail Bond Loan Fast

The first step is to have all of your information readily available. Information you need to give the bondsman would be the following for any cosignor (whoever is asking for bail payments):

  1. Identification – Driver license, passport – any government/state issued ID
  2. Proof you are employed with a paycheck stub as well proof of length of employment at your job or in your field.
  3. Proof of residence. How long you’ve lived at your home. Whether it’s a mortgage, lease or rent – you’ll need to provide proof of residence details to the bondsman.
  4. If retired, proof of your retirement benefits.
  5. If using property, mortgage details, property ownership, title, land leases, etc.
  6. Other: the bondsman may ask to see bank statements, additional payroll stubs (even electronically), rental agreements, etc.

NOTE: Each indemnitor cosigning the bond must give the above information to the bondsman.

Talk with your bondsman about how bail works and bail financing. If you need a payday loan, title loan or personal loan, even if it’s 2am, there are great bailbond loans lenders who will work with you 24 hours per day.

Once your bail bond loan is approved, you can literally bail now and pay later! Don’t let money stand in the way of your freedom.

Recommended Bail Loan Companies (updated today: Friday, May 17th, 2024)

Need to bail someone out of jail and don’t have the cash? Get a bail bonds payment plan fast! Mostly all bondsmen offer fast bail bond loan or installment loan when you need it most. Simply enter your information, the bail amount of the loan and sit back and wait for offers. The process is simple:

  1. Online bail loan application in just a few minutes
  2. List the bail amount you need to borrow
  3. Enter the time it will take to repay the loan

Video: Online Bail Bond Loans When You Need Fast Financing

Someone you know in jail who can’t afford bail but you realize need a bail bond loan to get them out? If you need a bail loan from $1000 to $30,000, get current information of who offers fast bail bonds loans, title loans and personal loans. Did you know that cash advance payday loans are available 24/7 to pay bondsmen?

Get free information about flexible payment plans with no collateral and no credit! is not a lender, we show the best bail bonds cash loan lenders who respond to you fast!

Understand that with any loan you will need to repay it in a timely fashion. Ask your loan officer about any additional fees or interest rates and what you may be liable to pay on the bail loans. Need more information about emergency bail bond loans fast, please read our Disclaimer.

If my bail is $150,000, how much should I pay?

We get questions about bail prices all the time. To help calculate your bail, we’ve set up a simple bail schedule. Below is a simple table to help you better understand the premium rates for bail. Here, we will calculate bail using a standard of 10%:


Frequently Asked Questions about Bail Financing Loans

Our bail bondsmen get a lot of questions about bail loans and bail financing, so we’ve put together this quick FAQ. If you have other questions please click here to ask a bondsman about bail.

What happens if I can’t pay the bail loan this month?

If you cannot pay your monthly bond payment, more than likely the bond company will work with you. You may find they will work with you as long as you are honest. If you skip on them they will file liens against you, your cosignor, their property and eventually sue you for the remaining balance and any office and court fees. Stay in touch with the bondsman! Don’t avoid talking to them.

Can I make payments on bail for 18 months?

Your payment structure will be dependent on the amount you owe and which bail company you work with. Always ask, but try not to call around. Bondsmen don’t usually work with people who continually call to get deals. So, can you get an 18 month bail loan? Yes you can, but that all depends on the bondsman and their fees. Bail is usually cheaper paying up front when it comes down to it.

Is a bail bond a type of loan?

A bail bond is not a loan. The bail premium you pay is a fee for using the bondsman as the surety. Using commercial bail means you only have to pay 10% of the bond allowing you to use the other 90% for an attorney, rent, bills, etc.

At the end of the bail loan do I get my money back?

No. The bail premium you paid is non refundable. The bail premium you’ve paid is a service fee the bondsman charges for you to use their insurance policy. The insurance policy being that if the defendant skips, the bond company is on the hook to the courts for the entire cash bail amount.

I have terrible credit, can I still get a bail loan?

Even with little to no credit you can still get a bail bond loan. Financing is typically through the bondsman, who doesn’t run a credit report and there are no financing fees. The bondsman will ask about your employment, how long you have been at your current job and how long you’ve lived at your residence. You may need another cosignor on the bail application. So the answer is yes, you can get a bail loan with bad credit.

If my bail is $150,000 how much is my bail payment and can I get a bail loan?

If your bail bond is $150,000 then your bail payment to the bondsman would be $15,000. You may be eligible for a bail loan, you need to consult your bondsman.

If I don’t pay the bail loan, does the defendant go to jail?

In most states putting a defendant in jail if they can’t afford the loan payemnt is illegal. But states like North Carolina allow bondsman to put defendant into jail for not making their payments. Not making your payment means you’ve broken the rules of the bail contract. Talk with your bondsman before signing up for bail financing or get the facts in your state about bail.

Find Out if You’re Eligible For Bail Financing

How Much is Your Bail?

Depend on one of the fastest bail loan companies with flexible payment plans and terms available. Enter in the total bail amount needed to determine your approximate bail costs of find out if you’re eligible for a bail loan:

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