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What are Federal Bonds

If you are arrested for a federal crime, then you will need a federal bond and bail bonds company that writes these types of bonds. These bail bonds are similar to those in other cases, except that federal courts set them. Your bonding company in the United States will charge a premium for issuing federal…

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What Are Cash Bonds and Do I Qualify

Video: What Are Cash Bonds and Do I Qualify If you can afford to pay 100% of the cash bond, you qualify If you can afford 100% of the bail bonds, consider yourself fortunate. Most people cannot afford the entire cash bond amount which is why they use a bail bonds company. Cash bonds are…

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What is Released on Recognizance or ROR Bond

Majority of defendants should be entitled to Released on Recognizance bonds (ROR) because they are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Although, the arrestee’s right to an ROR bond is forfeited if there is overwhelming evidence to support that the person is a danger to the community and/or a flight risk. So how does…