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Bondsman won’t surrender bail after surrendering defendant

Arkansas Bail Surrender

We often get questions about bail, and more often than not these questions are primarily about getting bond money returned, collateral returned or whether the cosignor is still liable for the payment of the bond. In this case, the defendant was placed back into custody, so why won’t the bondsman clear the bond? Here’s why and what you as the cosignor can do.

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How to Get Bail Bond Money Back From a Friend?

Get Your Bail Bond Money Back

We’ve had this question come in several times. Where a person covers the bail payment as a loan to bail out a friend. That “friend” never pays you back and you’re left holding any additional payments if that person skips. So what to do if your friend, the defendant, doesn’t pay you the bail bond money back?

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Should you turn yourself in to the police?

Turn Yourself in to Police

If you’ve committed a crime and are worried about whether you should turn yourself in to police, take a deep breath and try to think rationally. Depending on the crime, there could be room for leniency. However, panicking and confessing to the police is not the best route you should take.

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What Are The Statute of Limitations on Warrants?

Statute of Limitations

In general, a warrant is legal permission for law enforcement to carry out an action as it relates to serving justice. Statute of limitations on most warrants come with their own stipulations and constraints. Each warrant serves a specific purpose; some have a limited time they can be carried out and thereby expire. But, there are some warrant that have no statute of limitations.

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