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Woman getting Online Bail Bonds

How Do Online Bail Bonds Work?

Do you know how to post bail online? Most people don’t know this process. Bail bonds are a fraction of the total amount one must pay in court to be released from jail while the case goes on. The online bail bond is a recent method of paying bail bonds without being there physically.

Get Your Bail Bond Money Back

How to Get Bail Bond Money Back From a Friend?

We’ve had this question come in several times. Where a person covers the bail payment as a loan to bail out a friend. That “friend” never pays you back and you’re left holding any additional payments if that person skips. So what to do if your friend, the defendant, doesn’t pay you the bail bond…

Turn Yourself in to Police

Should you turn yourself in to the police?

If you’ve committed a crime and are worried about whether you should turn yourself in to police, take a deep breath and try to think rationally. Depending on the crime, there could be room for leniency. However, panicking and confessing to the police is not the best route you should take.