Get Your Bail Bond Money Back

How to Get Bail Bond Money Back From a Friend?

We’ve had this question come in several times. Where a person covers the bail payment as a loan to bail out a friend. That “friend” never pays you back and you’re left holding any additional payments if that person skips. So what to do if your friend, the defendant, doesn’t pay you the bail bond […]

Turn Yourself in to Police

Should you turn yourself in to the police?

If you’ve committed a crime and are worried about whether you should turn yourself in to police, take a deep breath and try to think rationally. Depending on the crime, there could be room for leniency, however, panicking and confessing to the police is not the best route you should take.

Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations on Warrants

What Are The Statute of Limitations on Warrants? In general, a warrant is legal permission for law enforcement to carry out an action as it relates to serving justice. Statute of limitations on most warrants come with their own stipulations and constraints. Each warrant serves a specific purpose; some have a limited time they can […]

North Carolina Bail bonds Question about bail bond loans

North Carolina Bail Bonds Question: Bail Bond Loan Payments

A North Carolina bail bond question came in the other day causing us to spend some additional time researching bail bond loans in NC. Luckily, a great Raleigh bondsman helped to get this worried mom the answer to her question… about potentially not owing additional money for bail.

Arrest Warrants | Outstanding Warrants

Arrest Warrants and How To Clear an Outstanding Warrant

A Brief Look at Arrest Warrants In general, arrest warrants are used by law enforcement to detain a person of interest that is believed to be connected to a crime. Arrest warrants document the person to be arrested, the crime they’re being charged with, and the person issuing the warrant. To obtain an arrest warrant, […]

About Bail Bond Financing

What You Need to Know About Bail Bond Financing

Need to know about bail bond financing but worried about credit.. or repayment? You don’t need credit to get bailed out through a bail bondsman. Most bond companies have payment plans to make the burden a bit easier. Getting a bail bond loan depends on the company writing the bond, and of course their surety […]

Bail Enforcement Agents and Bounty Hunters

What Do Bail Enforcement Agents Do?

We were asked a bail question about bail and what Bail Enforcement Agents do and how to find a job as a bounty hunter. When someone you know is out on bail, they must follow all conditions of that bond, or they can be apprehended and placed back into jail. One of the conditions of […]