Were you accused of a crime and want to understand how bail bonds work in Rhode Island so that you can fully protect yourself against the charges that are coming your way? There are plenty of situations in which a person is wrongfully accused, and before they get to show that, they might end up sitting in jail; innocent. With the help of bail bondsmen in Rhode Island, you will be able to acquire those results without a problem.

The main idea with the bail bonds is that these are a guarantee that you, the defendant, the one that got accused of a crime, will come back to face the charges even when you are released from custody. There are numerous ways in which a bail bond can appear, and it can actually be a combination of sorts, but one thing is certain, this is designed in order to help a person maintain his/her freedom until the hearing.

How Bail Bonds Work in Rhode Island: The Bail Hearing

Before the bond amount is assigned and taken into account, the judge has to meet with the defendant and hear information about the eligibility factor that he has in regards to their freedom. The defendant can accept the bail bond on his own, or another person, which is called the surely, will need to pay that. of course, if the surety wants to help, he will need to be present at the bail hearing alongside the defendant, a situation where the judge will fully present the necessary obligations to both parties.

Whenever the defendant will not fulfill all of his duties and responsibilities, his bail will be revoked and then forfeited. This is why it’s very important for the surety to have a lot of confidence in the defendant if such a situation arises.

Types of bail bond you can find in Rhode Island

You can find a multitude of bail bond companies in Rhode Island who provide freedom bonds, and any of these or a combination of them can be chosen in order for the bail to be active. Many persons resort to cash bail, because these are the most common and quite easy to understand. Of course, signature bonds are even simpler, but these aren’t offered all the time, which is understandable. Even in this case, signature bail bonds do have a specific set of conditions that the defendant has to fulfill.

The corporate bail bond, on the other hand, require the help of a bondsman. But these do require the defendant to pay around 10% of the entire bail, an amount that won’t be refunded. Property bonds are also quite common in Rhode Island as well, but the defendant has to provide ownership proof, not to mention that the procedure also requires an appraisal of value as well.

After all these conditions are met, the bail will be released by this process needs to happen manually, with the defendant or his attorney needing to file a motion in order to secure the bail.

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Rhode Island Bail Bonds Information

How does bail bonds work in Rhode Island? A judge sets the bail amount of the defendant in Rhode Island. A Rhode Island bail bondsman will post the bailbond once the premium is paid by the defendant or co-signor. The premium fee is 10% of the total bail bond.

In conclusion, if you were wondering how bail bonds work in Rhode Island, then you should now have a good understanding of the bond process. You can also contact the Rhode Island Business Division of Insurance for more answers to bail questions and surety in the state of Rhode Island.

The bail bonds Rhode Island bondsmen are very helpful if you want to maintain your freedom until a court hearing (or trial). So if you are accused of the crime but want to maintain your freedom, talk with your lawyer and secure your bail bond right now!