Are you Contemplating How Bail Bonds Work in New Mexico?

When it comes to finding out about how bail bonds work in New Mexico; it falls under the same basic system as most other states. In fact, bail bonds New Mexico residents obtain on a daily basis is governed by the same set of laws, rules and regulations that most states follow with some leeway in terms of how individuals work with bail bond agents in getting a bond approved.

The Bail Bonds System in New Mexico

The system in New Mexico mirrors that of most states in that a person who is arrested and put in jail will undergo the booking process which may last for an hour or two before a court date is made and bail is set. The individual charged will have the option to either remain in jail until the court date arrives or they can be released by paying bail which will be returned to them after the court appearance has been made.

If they cannot pay the cash bail immediately, then they can use the services of a New Mexico bail bonds agent who can post the bond for them. Bail bond agents can be contacted by the person charged or a friend or family member after the bail has been set. Bail bond agencies have been in New Mexico for many decades, even before the formation of the state and are a part of the system designed to help defendants get released from jail before their court date.

New Mexico Bail Bonds Charges & Fees

As with most states, New Mexico has created rules that govern how the bail bonds agent may charge for their services and these can be found in the New Mexico bail bonds laws section 13 NMAC 20.2. Basically, the charge is a 10% fee of the total amount of the bail set. This means that if the bail is set at $5,000, the fee will be $500 and non-refundable even if the case is dismissed. Once the fee is paid, the onus of the individual’s court appearance now rests with the bail bonds agent who assures the court that the person will arrive or they will forfeit the total amount of the bail money.

While bail bonds agents are limited in the fee that they can charge, many of them will accept different forms of financing. It is common for many agents to accept credit cards, collateral or other form of payment that is acceptable to the bail bonds agent. In addition, a friend or family member who co-signs is liable for the full amount of the bail if the defendant does not show up for their court date. However, if the defendant is subsequently arrested or caught by a bounty hunter, then they are only liable for the expenses incurred for the search and capture of the defendant.

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New Mexico Bail Bonds Information

How does bail bonds work in New Mexico? A judge will set the defendant’s bail amount. The New Mexico bail bonds agent posts the bond once a co-signor guarantees the full amount of bail to the bondsman will be paid if the defendant does not appear in court for trial.

Part of understanding how bail bonds work in New Mexico, cosignors will want to find the best, most reputable agents in Bernalillo County to get the most secure bond possible. To find out more about New Mexico bail bond agencies, the New Mexico Insurance Department website has the basic oversight information that the agents must follow to set up and run their business.

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