So How Do How Bail Bonds Work in Arizona?

When it comes to understanding how bail bonds work in Arizona, visitors & residents will need to know about the bail process and how it can work for them. The bail bonds Arizona agencies have been set up for many decades, even before statehood to serve the public and provide a means of bail for individuals who are awaiting their court case and cannot find the money to get out of jail on their own.

The bail system used in Arizona is very similar to other states as they follow basically the same laws, rules and regulations. However, there are subtle differences in how bail bonds agents can help those with financing the bond so that they can be out of jail while awaiting their court date. Whether you need bail in Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix or mostly Maricopa County, it’s best to know how bail works in Arizona to get the best deal and effect a speedy release from jail.

The Bail Bonds System in Arizona

Once an individual has been charged and has undergone the booking process which includes the court date being set, they will know how much the amount is for their bail. Once the bail has been set, they can contact a bail bonds agent or have another individual do that for them. This assumes that the judge orders the bail Cash or Bond and not Cash Only. A Cash Only bond cannot be paid by a bail bonds agent, but only the full amount in cash by the defendant or individual on their behalf.

If the bail can be made by bond, then the services of a bail bonds agent can be used. The individual is advised to find a reputable bail bonds agency so that they can work with them to quickly secure their bail through the bond process.

Charges & Fees

The fee for bail bonds agencies is 10% of the total amount of the bail that is set. This is a non-negotiable and non-refundable fee for their services even if the charges are dismissed before the court date arrives. In addition to the fee, the defendant will also have to offer some type of collateral to cover the total amount of the bail which usually includes some type of property.

So, for example if the bail is set at $10,000, the individual will have to pay $1,000 and find enough collateral in the form of money or property that will cover the $10,000 in case they do not show up for their court date. If they do show up, then the collateral is released back to the defendant. This provides cover for the bail bonds agents who take responsibility for the defendants showing up for their court date. If they do not show up, a bounty hunter is often sent to track them down and bring them into custody.

Overall, the bail bonds Arizona agents have established the same type of competitive system that allows individuals to find the one best suited to their needs. This is why it is important to understand just how bail bonds work Arizona resident need to know. Bail bonds companies and bondsmen are overseen by the Arizona Department of Insurance where you can find more information on their website.

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Arizona Bail Bonds Information

How does bail bonds work in Arizona? A judge sets the defendant’s bail amount. An Arizona bail bond agent will post the bond once the 10 percent premium is paid by the defendant or co-signor. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court they owe the bondsman 100% of the bond.