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Bounty hunter arrest rights and how it works

What is the right to arrest? Bail agents and bounty hunters have a greater license to arrest than law enforcement due to the Supreme Court decision of “Taylor vs. Taintor.” Bail agents and bounty hunters are not required to obtain additional warrants or extradition papers to effect the right to arrest and can enter the residence of the defendant or indemnitor for the purpose of arrest to bring the defendant back to court. Although, it is a good idea to know state and local laws when apprehending a fugitive. Checking in with the local police department or sheriff office is wise. If a bounty hunter apprehends a fugitive without checking up on the laws they may be faced with fines or jail time for kidnapping charges.

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  • Puru Dave September 10, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    I was picked up by the police and was able to bond out but my bail agent said I didn’t check in on Monday and I know I did because I talked to the secretary. I have phone records to prove it. Did they have a right to arrest me and put me back in jail or was this a bail scam?

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