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How Federal Immigration Bonds Work

What is a federal immigration bond? An immigration bond is a type of surety bond known as a federal civil bond used to release a person in the custody of Homeland Security that was was living unlawfully within the United States. An immigration bond known as ICE Form I-352, has three distinct types. First is an Immigration Delivery Bond, Second is a Public Safety Bond and third is a Voluntary Departure Bond. Immigration bond fees are typically 15% but could also include office fees, incurred travel costs and other associated bail bond fees.

If someone you know is in a Federal Detention Center you can locate them using this Immigration Detainee Locator

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  • Sandra July 19, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Thank you for all of the information about federal immigration bonds. I didn’t know that there were three types! I know now that they can be pretty expensive. I have family that have tried to get these bonds before and it does take time and patience. Thanks again for a great post!

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