Top 10 Most Expensive Bail Bonds Ever Posted

Most Expensive Bail Bonds

We all know that crime doesn’t pay, but you will have to pay for committing crime, when caught. When someone is accused of a crime, their friends or family members will help them out by posting bail. It’s safe to say that bail can vary widely in amount, depending on the alleged crime committed. Showing that there are differences in bail amounts, here are the top 10 most expensive bail bonds ever posted.

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Bondsman won’t surrender bail after surrendering defendant

Arkansas Bail Surrender

We often get questions about bail, and more often than not these questions are primarily about getting bond money returned, collateral returned or whether the cosignor is still liable for the payment of the bond. In this case, the defendant was placed back into custody, so why won’t the bondsman clear the bond? Here’s why and what you as the cosignor can do.

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How to Get Bail Bond Money Back From a Friend?

Get Your Bail Bond Money Back

We’ve had this question come in several times. Where a person covers the bail payment as a loan to bail out a friend. That “friend” never pays you back and you’re left holding any additional payments if that person skips. So what to do if your friend, the defendant, doesn’t pay you the bail bond money back?

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