Bail Bond Liabilities

Removing Bail Bond Liabilities

Video: Removing Bail Bond Liabilities and Why When bail liabilities are removed and money returned. Liabilities of the bail bond are dismissed when the court case has been settled and the defendant has either been acquitted or sentenced – it’s at this time the court will void the liabilities. Removing bail bond liabilities is also…

Right To Arrest

What is the The Right to Arrest?

Defendants must abide by not only the rules of the court when they are out on bond, but they must also abide by the rules given to them by the bondsman. When they fail to comply with any rules set forth during the bail bond process, the right to arrest kicks in.

Federal Immigration Bond

What is an Immigration Bail Bond

If someone you know has been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and you want to get them released as quickly as possible, an immigration bail bond may be required. Immigration bonds are also known as ICE Form I-352. An immigration bond is money paid to secure a detained immigrant’s release. This bond…

Bail Bond Withdrawal

What is a Bail Bond Withdrawal

Video: What is Bail Bond Withdrawal? A bail bonds agent can withdraw the bail bond if the defendant intends to flee the court, commits crimes while out on bond, is a threat to the community or if certain bail bond conditions aren’t being met. A bail withdrawal by the court of an existing bail bond…

Emergency Bail Bond Loans

Getting Emergency Bail Bond Loans Fast

Emergency Bail Bond Loans Information Bail is typically set by the judge in the state and/or county, and depending on the state you are in, you will usually need between 10% and 20% of the total surety bonds amount. If you find that you cannot raise all of the money at one time for bail,…